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Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning:
Department of Mechanical Engineering (Diploma Section) of Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions, SKFGI, offers Departmental Library facility for students, so that they can access the required books for their betterment.
  • Adopting digital Infusions through technologies enable opportunities for greater active student learning that is valued, visible, connected and progressive.
  • Students are expected to do their own learning so that they gain a full understanding of the content. Increased student involvement allows students to feel responsible for their own learning and they should learn more through this individual learning and Self Centred Learning.
  • Through Interactive Sessions, the faculties and students communicated between themselves which improvised the teaching – learning. Through Flipped Classroom Method, the faculties and students discuss  between themselves. Students are divided into teams to improvise their team work. They were encouraged to play a team member role.
  • Students are trained in house or by industry professionals in different industry related subjects in group and after trained, these student groups will train the other students through Incubation & EDP Cell.
  • The faculties conducted Technical Quiz frequently on their respective subjects. Project based laboratory assignments beyond curriculum are given in addition to assignments in the curriculum. Students are trained on skill based knowledge beyond the curriculum as per industry need by in house or by Industry Professionals on Latest Emerging Technologies along with Knowledge Based Education as per curriculum.
  • Students can enhance their knowledge and creativity through Departmental Magazine, special lectures, seminars and workshops by external expert or by in house expertise on specialized area.

Laboratories: Laboratories are well equipped with various kind of machines which allow the students to operate them personally and thereby enhancing their knowledge. All the computers in CNC and AutoCAD lab are equipped with high end PCs along with latest legal System and Application software.

Library: In DME dept is having departmental libr‚Äčary facility from which students, technical  staff, faculties may collect various study materials, books, beyond the syllabus. The departmental library posses few lectures listed below: 
   1. Various type of Reference Books.
   2. Various type of Reference eBooks.
   3. Various research papers Various E Journals ,printed Journals.
   4.  NPTEL Video lectures, copy Technical Magazine.



Important contacts
Mr. Swarup Mukherjee HOD (Diploma Section)
(+91) 9831924792
Mrs. Sukanya Dutta (Vice-Principal, Diploma Section)
(+91) 9007845717
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